Collection system
Maintenance of the collection systems and repulsion of residue materials
are vary important in decrease of production, thrift  in use of  materials
 and also collection and repulsion of trash .
Recycling office of region 2 is trying to separate trash from the
  origin in order to increase separation's culture , thrift and decrease
trash then have done so many activities and they are also  trying to  have
some shares in raising of citizens culture .
Training provides information about negative affects of not separation at
 origin and related consequences of that (like spread of disease
,viral ,bacterial, pollution of environment and natural resources ) can
Creater  the citizens  and  encourage them to  cooperate  in  implementation
the pattern of separation system without the serious association of citizens.
So while this association to  be  unsuccessful , unfortunately we  will  see
 illegal and in sanitary separating in pathway.   
New collecting system of dry superfluity are starting in region 2
Urban residue management specially in the big cities is one of the major
  difficulties of country managers and international organizations  in
this half century and have accelerated in last decade .
 thinkers and researchers are trying to possible modal expanse of
executive systems based on objective vision and proper paternities of
wasting  management and render more services to  respectable
 citizens .
recovery organization in region 2, along with the huge policy of recovery
organization have tried to implement pattern of residue separating from origin
until to be useful for promoting of separating culture ,  thrift  and
reducing trash and launch to render various collecting systems of
dry residue from the house relatively to social culture of the region.
In the first phase ,the activity of new factor of dry residue  collecting  ,
Hence forward respectable citizenship can participate for separating
superfluity in 5 and 6 area as below description:
1-daily classification : 
Based on  accomplished grouping and  face to face training , recovery
factors with marked vehicle and specific clothes and play defined melody
recourse location from 9 am to 14 pm and citizens can deliver
dry residue against receiving blue bag as free.
2- mobile stations:
On Fridays ,  set up mobile stations in  behrood   square , southern
homayoonshahr –sama square –opposite of nasr bazaar,nasr street –
ghods intersection at 10 am to 13 and citizens can receive
Detergent against delivering dry residue .
3 – fixed stall of buying dry residue :
The mentioned stalls , are  ready  to  receive  dry  residue  and deliver
detergent and ticket in order to buying , to citizenship at 10 am to 16
pm every day
4- special book ticket  
Citizens can receive book ticket against delivery wast paper,
specially from their house .only you can contact with us for getting book
5 – special collecting:
Citizens can use special home delivery services with  contacting  us
and giving address
6 – special collecting program :
Deliver red fish against collecting students book in new year
7- Discharge special dry residue tanks in offices and organizations
Citizenship can contact  us for more information
Tel number :88258345
Cultural activities
Expanding  culture  of  separation  trash  from  origin , is  stressful  and
 important for recycling office. separate cultivation of trash from origin is
 kind of creating  culture and culturing  is  very  important  and  effective
 with children's help in urban activity.
training of more than 160000 family in 8 region ,training of 215 training
 center ,set up many training workshop and various exhibition has been
implemented with presentations of citizenship , specially  children  and
teenagers due to culture development  and  citizenship's  training and
 because of people's protections has been planed some kind of programs
in this year. training and collecting have  been done  based  on  zone's
classifications  in  system of  recovery office and all of the trained
 citizens have special codes that have been rendered them based on
zone,block ,and post of their living place ,so that citizens don't forget
their code and collection days .
during training time,blue bags have been given as free in order to be visible
and specific for collecting them in collecting days.
Small protector group of earth
Recycling office have started large activity ,such as training school for
 culturing from origin which is named small protector group of earth in
 region 2 . the goal of this project was predicted for primary school's
children that include of :
- the goal of separating trash from origin (how should we protect from earth)
 - Proper training and how do you separate home trash from origin
 -If you dill plastic stuff inside the earth what damage incur to natur
- economical value of recycling
-   how do you reduce home dry residue?
                       children can take part in this program with membership
 take part in monthly festival -
take part in day's SCIENTIFIC and SPORTs camp    -
   take part in training work shop-
-   visit station of article separating
-   visit factory of article exchanging
face to face training in the schools
expansion of recycle culture is equal to plant walnut tree ))
 the subject of trash recycle and urban  residue , specially dry  trash  will
 provide the importance of development the culture of separations and
reducing the trash from the origin
expanding  this case is kind of making culture change the habit  of
 citizenship which will be more effective in children . therefore  recycle
 office in region2 in order to pay more attention to culture of separation
from the origin has done serious activities.
Information center
With   this  view , the  second  zone  mayor is  going  to  launch  an
informant expertised center of recycling by aiming of exploitation from
experiences and all activities which has been done regarding the subject
of recycling in  all  around  the country  in order to  raise  the  culture  of
population by pivot of subject of recycling and separation of trash .
This center is containing of al the general information which have been
done in the cities and the villages of the country and all the collected
information can be used by all the institutions , organizations , students
and interested people.
Recycle garden
This garden was created with 6000 m space as initial recycle garden in
 Zanjan street and we have tried by having some training factors,relative
panel, the recycle subject and separating residue was realized for children
in this garden , signpost and children's playthings were designed and
installed with using waste and recycle materials.

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